Mezzanine kits

At Tecrostar, we have a large stock of mezzanines to adapt to your space, thanks to our telescopic system that allows you to adjust the structures to different dimensions and heights.

Whether for residential, commercial or large business use, our mezzanines are the perfect solution. In addition, their installation is easy and quick, with simple assembly manuals that do not require complicated works. And best of all, we ship worldwide.

Mezzanine configurator

The first tool that allows you to design, calculate and manufacture steel mezzanines of more than 50 square meters. With TecroPro, you can customise every detail of your mezzanine: surface area, distances between pillars, height, type of flooring, load capacity and much more.

Ideal for commercial, industrial use and projects with particular characteristics, TecroPro offers you the flexibility and precision you need to carry out your projects successfully.

Custom mezzanines

The TecroOne range offers industrial custom mezzanines, perfect for large surfaces and industrial storage systems. These mezzanines can have one or more floors and are designed to withstand extra load capacity, allowing the use of pallets and storage racks.

We also design safety elements, such as stairs, railings, sluice gates and sliding doors, thus guaranteeing a safe and efficient environment.

Vertical growth

Discover how mezzanines help you make the most of your space.

Space optimization

Mezzanines allow you to make the most of the available vertical space in your facility.

Cost saving

Installing a mezzanine is usually more economical and faster than building an additional structure or moving.


You can customize the layout, height, type of flooring and other aspects according to your specific requirements.

Design and manufacture

We have been dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of steel mezzanines for all types of uses and dimensions for more than 25 years

We believe in closeness and personalized attention. We take the time to thoroughly understand the needs of each client and offer them the solution that best suits their project.

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